Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome Secret Settings Menu

If you are running Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome you might be unaware that there is a secret settings menu.

Web Browser Secret Settings Menu Featured Image

If you are running Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome you might be unaware that there is a secret settings menu, that can be accessed within the browsers address bar.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Image 1

The menu is intended for power users and therefore should be used with great care as the warning in the above screenshot shows. I will not be held responsible for your actions when using the menu.

To access the menu just type about:config in the browsers address bar at the top of the window, then click on “I’ll be careful I promise!”.


Mozilla Firefox Image 2

Once you have clicked on “I’ll be careful I promise!” you will see this vast list of all the settings that makes the web browser function.

As you can see the table that is displayed is made-up of four columns. Preference Name, Status, Type, Value,

Preference Name

Is the name of the software feature or function within the browser.


The status is what the function is set as.


The type is the features data entry input type, which as Boolean, (True or False) Integer, (Decimal Number) or String (Data string of characters).


Boolean Value = True or False

Integer Value = 0,1,2,5,

String Value =

An Example Use Case

Within Firefox, there’s a HTML 5 video player, which plays video on services such as YouTube automatically. This can be extremely annoying when browsing around the site and a video starts playing when you don’t want it to.

In order to disable the auto-play feature in Firefox, I just typed autoplay in the search bar. The following result was displayed.

Mozilla Firefox Image 3

As you can see the default boolean value is set to true so autoplay is turned on. In order to disable the feature, I just double click on the preference name and the value will change.

Mozilla Firefox Image 4

As you can see the value as now changed to false and the text is now bold. Now just close the web browser and then reopen it and test the setting on YouTube, the video should not start playing.

to start the video playing, just click the play button.

Mozilla Firefox Mobile Image

The feature also works on the Mozilla Firefox mobile web browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Image 1

Within Google Chrome type about:flags into the address bar. As you can see a very similar menu to Firefox is displayed.

Google Chrome Image 2

As you can see there is also a warning on the page, as well as a reset all to default button, which is a nice feature that Firefox doesn’t have.

I am going to enable the override software rendering list feature, to do this I will just click on the blue enable text, to enable the feature.

Google Chrome Image 3

As you can see the overrite software rendering list is now enabled.

Google Chrome Image 4

Once all features are changed click on the relaunch now button.

You can reset any of your settings at anytime by using the Reset all to default button at the top of the page.

Google Chrome Image 5

The feature also works on the Google Chrome mobile web browser.

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