How To Install Linux Bash Terminal On Windows 10

Today in this tutorial post, I will be showing you how to install Linux Bash Terminal on Windows 10.

You might need to install Linux Bash Terminal on Windows 10, if you run Windows on your PC or laptop, but you develop for Linux as your job at work.

Step One

Settings Start Menu Windows 10

First click on the Windows Start menu, then type settings in the search box at the bottom of the menu. Then click on the Settings option that has just been displayed, to open the Windows Settings screen.

Step Two

Windows Settings Screen

This is the Windows Settings screen. As you can see there are many settings options to choose from. We are going to choose update & security from the options that are shown.

Windows Updates & Security Screen

This is the Windows update & security screen, from in here we are going to select the for developers option, once that has been selected, select the developer mode option under the use developer features section.

This will install the developer mode package, that is required to use the feature of Windows 10.

Step Two

Windows Update Status

Now click on the Windows Update option on the left hand side of the windows. Then click check for updates. Windows will find and update any of it’s software that needs updating. please wait for the updates to be downloaded and installed on your system. If a restart is required please restart your system when prompted.

Step Three

Start menu control panel

Once your system has restarted, click the windows start button, then type control in the search box. this will search for the control panel. Now click on the control panel application.

Control Panel Window

This is what the control panel looks like. We as now going to click on the Programs option at the bottom of the first row to options.

Progarms Windows

This is the programs window, in here we are able to turn software feature on or off. this is what we are now going to do. so please click on the Turn Windows features on or off.

Step Four

Windows Features

This is the Windows Features list of additional software features that are available in Windows 10.

Windows Features

Please click on the check box Windows Subsystem for Linux (Bata). Then click on OK to save the new option that has been selected.

Windows Features Restart Request

Now click on restart now so the new windows feature will take affect.

Step Five

Start Menu Bash Terminal Option

Once the PC has finished restarting. Click the windows start menu button or the windows on your keyboard, to bring up the start menu.

Now type bash in the search box at the bottom of the menu to run the bash terminal command, so the bash terminal will start running.

Step Six

bash.exe window

As you can see the bash.exe program is now running in the terminal. To accept the installation prompt message just type “y” then press the return key on your keyboard.

Step Seven

Ubuntu Bash been downloaded from the windows store

Ubuntu Bash is now been downloaded from the windows store.

Step Eight

Ubuntu filesystem been extracted

The Ubuntu bash filesystem is now been extracted.

Step Nine

Enter UNIX username

Now enter a new UNIX username for your bash terminal sessions.

Step Ten

Enter UNIX password

Now enter a new UNIX password for your bash terminal sessions.

Step Eleven

UNIX account has now been created

Your UNIX account has now been created and it is ready to use.

Step Twelve

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Now to run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, click on the start menu button, then type Ubuntu in the start menu search box. the click on .

Step Thirteen

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows Running

As you can see the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows is now running successfully in the terminal.

Step Fourteen

Ubuntu apt-get running in the terminal

As you can see Ubuntu apt-get command is now running in the terminal. Bash is fully set-up a ready to use you can run all bash commands in the terminal just like you would on a native Ubuntu Linux install on a PC or Laptop.

That’s it you have now successfully got Ubuntu Bash running on Windows 10.

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